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What is a Clubhouse?

A Clubhouse is an employment and recovery center that offers people with mental health challenges hope and opportunities to achieve their full potential. Much more than simply a program or a social service, a Clubhouse provides its members with the opportunity to be part of a successful community that is restorative and builds dignity and self-esteem. During the course of participation in a Clubhouse, members gain access to opportunities to connect with community, employment, education, and friendships; and are enabled to take ownership of their own recovery.

Clubhouse participants are known as “members”, not patients or clients. Members are unique individuals who possess talents, strengths, and abilities which when combined, assist in making the Clubhouse come alive. This sense of membership, support, and belonging is at the very heart of the Clubhouse. Clubhouse communities recognize, encourage, and focus on the inherent value and potential of each person involved. We believe that each member can recover from the effects of mental health challenges and lead satisfying, productive lives.

A Clubhouse guarantees its membership four basic rights:

  • A guaranteed right to a place to come
  • A guaranteed right to meaningful work
  • A guaranteed right to meaningful relationships
  • A guaranteed right to a place to return

Members and staff work together in all phases of Clubhouse operation. The primary goals of the Clubhouse are to provide a supportive environment where members can regain job skills, find employment, reduce hospitalizations, secure decent housing and develop meaningful relationships. Emphasis is placed on reintegration into the community.

Members have the opportunity to choose and pursue their individual goals and in the process, help the Clubhouse grow.

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About Us

Crossroads Clubhouse is housed in a turn of the century colonial mansion in Hopedale. It is a warm, inviting environment where we offer adults with a history of mental illness a community that is built on peer support and rehabilitation. Our recovery oriented programs help individuals gain self-confidence, build employment skills, and foster relationships. Clubhouse members and staff work together in all elements of Clubhouse operations. Our Work-Ordered Day is the backbone of our program and offers members the opportunity to engage in the community and build skills such as banking and budgeting skills, food service, newsletter production, and landscaping, while working alongside staff and other members to contribute to the overall goals of Crossroads. We also offer employment and housing support, dual recovery meetings, health & wellness programs, and social events. We invite you to come learn what we’re about! Contact us here.

About Riverside

Riverside Community Care (www.riversidecc.org) makes a difference in the lives of individuals, families, and communities through innovative and compassionate behavioral healthcare and human services. A community-based non-profit organization, Riverside offers a wide range of mental healthcare, developmental and brain injury services, early childhood and youth programs, addiction treatment, trauma response, and more. And Riverside’s behavioral health consulting, screening, and suicide prevention programs are helping more than 3.5 million people around the globe.