Work units are the heart and soul of daily activities at the Clubhouse. Members and staff work together as colleagues to accomplish the work and goals of the Clubhouse during the Work-Ordered Day. The length of time a member spends in a work unit is based on personal choice and interests. Members have the opportunity to regain confidence in their ability to work, develop positive work habits and skills, and develop job references.  For many members this is a first step to returning to paid employment. 

Members have the opportunity to explore a variety of work activities, including:

  • Word processing and spreadsheet design
  • Data collection, data entry, and statistical reporting
  • Food services
  • Reception and member outreach and orientation
  • Banking and budgeting skills
  • Newsletter production and publication
  • Building and grounds maintenance
  • Gardening and landscaping


The Clubhouse Employment Program helps members, whatever their previous work experience, strengthen job readiness skills, acquire long-term employment, regain confidence and motivation needed to succeed, and achieve greater economic independence.

Transitional Employment (TE)

Transitional Employment offers members the opportunity to enter, or re-enter, competitive employment with intense job support from a placement manager.  Placements are part-time, entry level, and typically last between 6-9 months. Central to Transitional Employment a Clubhouse staff person fills in if a member is unable to work on a given day ensuring the job is covered and remains available. 

Supported Employment (SE)

Supported Employment assists members who are ready for more permanent employment. While the position belongs to the member, the Clubhouse develops and maintains a positive relationship with the employer. Positions are on-going and may be part-time or full-time.

Independent Employment (IE)

Many Clubhouse members have also obtained independent employment on their own or with the assistance of job developers. 

Additional supports include:

  • Career planning
  • Resume writing
  • Job search assistance
  • Interview preparation and assistance
  • Benefit & entitlement management
  • Ongoing employment support


Having a safe place to live is essential to a person’s recovery process. The Clubhouse’s commitment is to support all members in finding and maintaining safe, stable and affordable long-term housing.

The Clubhouse offers assistance with a variety of supports, including:

  • Completing housing & subsidy applications
  • Arranging cleaning & moving services
  • Reporting benefits
  • Navigating the eviction process
  • Annual income verification
  • Accessing emergency utility needs
  • Housing support visits


It is estimated that one in every three individuals who is living with mental illness also suffers from drug addiction, alcoholism or a substance abuse problem.  Members and staff work together to provide education and support in the form of Dual Recovery Anonymous (DRA). The primary purpose of DRA is to help one another achieve dual recovery, to prevent relapse, and to carry out the message to others who experience a dual disorder. The DRA Program is based on the principles of the Twelve Steps and the personal experiences of the men and women in dual recovery. Meetings are offered twice a week.


Continuing education can be a great way for members to involve themselves in the community and work toward their learning or employment goals.

The clubhouse offers a variety of education supports including:

  • Educational counseling and planning
  • Assistance with application process
  • Assistance with financial aid application process
  • On-going on-site support
  • Transportation to local campuses
  • Access to in-house computer based learning programs


Developing good mental and physical health allows individuals to realize their full potential, cope with the stresses of life, work productively, and make meaningful contributions to their communities.

The Clubhouse strives to offer activities and supports that promote healthy lifestyles including:

  • Assistance with finding and accessing medical, dental, or psychiatric providers
  • Health and Wellness planning
  • Affordable, healthy meals at the Clubhouse
  • Smoking Cessation assistance
  • Dual Recovery groups
  • Peer led support groups


The Clubhouse firmly believes that strong social supports can have a positive impact on a person’s health and well-being. The Clubhouse offers a number of social opportunities both in the Clubhouse and the community and event costs are often subsidized by the Clubhouse. Additionally, the Clubhouse is open on all holidays and every Saturday and hosts a variety of social events on a regular basis.